Bethesda Preparing Another Fix For Fallout 4 Next-Gen Update

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Bethesda Game Studios today confirmed that it’s preparing another fix for the beleaguered Fallout 4 update that was recently released on all platforms. Since the next-gen update was released, it has found itself at the butt of many jokes and has been the source of much disappointment among the Fallout community at large.

The long-awaited update that was supposed to bring Fallout 4 back to life and finesse the ten-year-old game was a massive letdown, introducing countless issues on most platforms. Some players were even using mods to roll back the update or block it entirely.

Fix The Fix

On Twitter, Bethesda Game Studios posted a short but sweet message to the Fallout community, revealing that another fix for the fix is on the way:

On Monday, May 13 we will be updating Fallout 4 on all platforms. This update will include new options for graphics and performance settings as well as further fixes and improvements. Thanks for your continued feedback and support!

It’s only a small thing, but it’s better than nothing. One of the biggest and most highly anticipated changes at the heart of the Fallout 4 next-gen update was the newly introduced option to switch between Performance and Quality modes in-game. This was also one of the more flawed inclusions in the update, unfortunately.

The Fallout 4 next-gen update was delivered shortly after the release of the Fallout television series, a stellar live-action adaptation with a solid cast and glowing reviews. It took the world by storm and caused a Fallout frenzy to occur, with players flooding the games – even Fallout 76, which was long seen as a leperous stain on the franchise (but it’s actually really good).

On May 13, users on all platforms will get access to whatever features this fix brings – hopefully, it’ll get the Fallout 4 next-gen update in better shape. Regardless of these issues, Fallout 4 managed to be the best-selling game in the United Kingdom in April, which is nice.

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