Tarkov Stash ‘Upgrade’ Costs Revealed by Battlestate

tarkov stash upgrade

Battlestate Games has confirmed how much it’ll cost to expand your stash in Escape from Tarkov – and how many extra lines you can purchase using real-world money. It’s the latest microtransaction to hit the hardcore FPS platform in recent weeks, with the first being the option to purchase ‘offline co-op’ access that was included for free with the now-defunct Edge of Darkness edition.

How Much Is The Stash Upgrade in Tarkov?

If you want to expand your stash in Escape from Tarkov, you’ll need to part ways with a pretty penny – assuming you want the largest stash possible in the game. If you’re hungry for more space to stash your cases, weapons, and Big Tushonkas, you’ll need to pay €1.50 per line – up to a maximum of €52.57 for all 28 extra lines.

If you’re feeling friendly, you can purchase stash upgrades as a gift – but Battlestate Games warns that you need to be ‘over 18 years’ old to secure the transaction.

The stash upgrade is available for all players regardless of the edition they’ve purchased. So, if you already picked up Edge of Darkness before it was discontinued, you’ll be able to expand your stash by 28 lines and have more space than you’ll ever need.

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