Escape From Tarkov Halloween Event Is On The Way


If there’s one thing that Escape From Tarkov’s player base lives for, it’s the many events that the developer, Battlestate Games, pushes live throughout the year. From the festive-themed, gift-bearing events to the periodic wipes, there’s plenty to keep players entertained as time goes on, but at present, many hardcore Tarkov gamers are wondering where the Halloween event is for 2023.

Nikita Buyanov, the Head of Studio at Battlestate Games, has provided a brief but positive update on the impending Halloween event for Tarkov.

‘just w8 4 it’

It’s not yet known what Tarkov’s Halloween event will be, but typically, Battlestate Games is an inventive developer that throws a few entertaining twists into the pot for its events.

To chase down an update on the Halloween event, one user pinged a message on Twitter to Nikita Buyanov, an instantly recognisable personality in the Tarkov space. By way of a response to the question of ‘where is the Halloween event’, Buyanov simply said:

There you have it, folks. It’s on the way, but it’s time to be patient. However, given that Halloween is less than a week away and nothing has been announced, some fans are getting antsy. Recently, Battlestate Games has been on something of a supersized tour, travelling to the likes of Gamescom in Germany and the Tokyo Games Show to demo Escape From Tarkov ARENA, the studio’s upcoming, standalone multiplayer game.

Has there been enough time in the schedule to create a Halloween event for Tarkov?

Just w8 4 it.

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