New Tarkov Event Brings Glukhar (And Scavs) to Labs

glukhar labs

It seems that Escape From Tarkov could be mere days from wiping as the events continue to roll in thick and fast. As the Ryzhy saga continues in Tarkov, players have been treated to another all-new event, and this time, the big bad man himself, Glukhar, has made his way into the Lab.

For Labs mains, this means that there’s now a 100% chance that Glukhar will spawn somewhere within the map. Bizarrely, it also means that players can also queue up as a Scav (for free), which is something that we’ve never seen before.

Be wary, though – if you have negative Scav karma, you’ll be insta-attacked by Glukhar.

Wipe Thursday?

In a ten-minute expansion to the Ryzhy story, it was revealed that Glukhar would be storming Labs in a limited-time event. Recently, Battlestate Games has been on the ball with its production quality, and the ongoing Ryzhy saga is honest proof of what it looks like when a developer really adores the content that it creates.

Here’s the video, which features BSG’s Head, Nikita, as the high-rolling Labs boss:

For the PMCs looking to gain entry to Labs, they’ll still find that they need a Labs keycard to join in the action. However, player Scavs are now getting a free pass, and AI Scavs are also free to roam the map. It’s sure to be one of the most hectic events we’ve seen in the history of Tarkov, with player Scavs surely making off with stacks of high-tier equipment from defeated PMCs, Raiders, and now, Glukhar.

These events are picking up their pace, and that can only mean one thing: wipe is coming.

What is ‘Wipe’ in Escape From Tarkov?

Every six months or so, Tarkov undergoes a ‘wipe’, which is where the game state is reset, putting all players back to flat zero in terms of level, abilities, and riches. It’s a balancing mechanic that also tends to come hand-in-hand with a hefty update, typically one that brings new bosses, metas, maps, quests, and features.

It was on the 28th of June that Tarkov last wiped, and before that, it wiped on December 12th, 2021. This latter wipe was one of the most impactful updates the game’s platform has ever seen, and it effectively changed the face of Tarkov.

What could we be waiting for in the next wipe, which should drop at some point in the next three weeks?

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