Battlestate Balances BTR as Tarkov’s ‘Best Wipe’ Booms

escape from tarkov btr tarkov balancing

Escape from Tarkov’s latest mega patch (0.14) has been live for more than a week, and players are still contending with what’s being branded the best ‘wipe’ in years. In the latest update, a new starter map was introduced, recoil and armour mechanics were reworked, and existing maps and functions were tweaked to produce a game that feels so much better than it did in recent years.

Most recently, Battlestate Games addressed the new ‘BTR’ – an APC – that roams the Streets of Tarkov map. It’s a change that’s already being lauded by fans of the hardcore extraction shooter as a quality-of-life improvement that was sorely needed.

BTR Made Better

In the latest change, Battlestate amended how the BTR function operates on the Streets of Tarkov map. This all-new vehicle roams the map and provides players with a range of services – for a fee, of course. One of the most sought-after uses for the BTR is a ‘mobile stash’, with players being able to deposit ‘found-in-raid’ items in the BTR for safekeeping, collecting them again once the raid is up.

However, that function boasted a steep price tag and some users were actively challenging the fee, stressing that it made the BTR ‘pointless’.

In the most recent update, Battlestate has reduced the fee required to deposit items in the BTR. It has also adjusted the number of ‘cells’ that users have to fill with items when they use the BTR for this function. It’s now tied to ‘Fence rep’ – a reputation level in the game connected to the ‘Fence’ trader character.

This is how the BTR cell structure now works:

  • 0 – 1 Rep: 10 Cells
  • 1 – 2 Rep: 12 Cells
  • 2 – 3 Rep: 15 Cells
  • 3 – 4 Rep: 18 Cells
  • 4 – 5 Rep: 20 Cells
  • 5 – 6 Rep: 24 Cells
  • 6+ Rep: 28 Cells

It’s not unobtainable, but securing 6+ Fence rep is quite a task for most players. It’s accrued by running successful ‘Scav raids’ and ticking boxes there, using ‘cooperative exfils’, or by escaping a map through the use of a paid-for ‘taxi service’. But getting 28 cells in the BTR is well worth the grind if you’re a fan of Streets of Tarkov. That is a remarkable amount of loot you can stash before looping back and going for a second spin around the risky environment.

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