Analysts Think The Switch 2 Will Not Beat The First One

nintendo switch 2

Recently, a report was published stressing the comments of expert analysts looking at the future of Nintendo’s flagship console line. With the impending announcement of ‘whatever comes next’ for Nintendo hanging on a precipice, fans and critics are left wondering what the Switch 2 will look like, and what exactly will be under the hood. Rumours and some claims have surfaced in the last few weeks, but nothing can be classed as concrete as present.

In the report published by Bloomberg, two analysts suggested that the ‘Switch 2’ – the speculated name for the console – won’t be as successful as the Nintendo Switch, which was released in 2017.

Better But Not Better

There’s almost nothing concrete known about the Switch 2, and rumours have offered up a mixed bag of suggestions thus far. From groundbreaking hardware to downgraded screens, all kinds of information has emerged from manufacturing centres and leaked documents in the last few months.

In the report recently published by Bloomberg, two analysts suggested that, regardless of what’s driving the Nintendo Switch 2, it’ll never reach the lofty heights of the console that it’ll effectively be replacing.

In our five-year earnings estimates, we do not see profits during the next-generation hardware cycle surpassing peak profits of the Nintendo Switch cycle. (This could change if the hardware) turns out to be new concept hardware rather than a successor along the same lines as the Nintendo Switch.

Minami Munakata, Goldman Sachs

Another comment plainly stated, ‘We do not think the new console will be as successful as the Switch.’ That’s attributed to Yijia Zhai of the Macquarie Group.

Do you think the Switch 2 can ever live up to the bar set by the first Switch console?

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