Surgeon Simulator’s Dev Is Making A Stunning Open-World Game

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Bossa Studios got started with Surgeon Simulator, an inane game that never took itself seriously. It then moved on to the likes of ‘I Am Bread’, a simulator where players assume the role of a piece of bread, and then ‘I Am Fish’, which… Well, you get the picture.

There have been other titles that have emerged from the London-based developer, but the latest game to be announced may turn out to be the crowing glory of the studio. Lost Skies is a total pivot from the established standard – an open-world, cooperative survival title set in a unique, innovative environment.

It has just been revealed, and it looks fantastic.

Lost Skies Is Waiting To Be Found

Right now, gamers can leap onto Steam and wishlist Lost Skies, a customisable, expansive adventure set ‘amongst the clouds’. It’s a cooperative game that’ll facilitate up to six players, all of whom will be intent on surviving this never-before-seen world.

In the words of Bossa Studios (and publisher, Humble Games), there’s an ‘ancient world of danger and beauty’ up for exploration. Players will be able to construct their own ‘skyships’ as they experienced ‘unparalleled freedom’, leaping between islands that float high up in the sky.

It can be played solo, but it looks as though it’s designed to be enjoyed with other players. There are combat mechanics, traversal features such as zip lines and gliders, an enhanced physics engine, and traditional survival elements such as crafting and hunting.

At first blush, it looks like a fantastic title, and the screenshots that have been released by Bossa Studios are nothing short of tantalising. Lost Skies boasts a charming aesthetic that is pleasing to the eye, and the colourful, animated style is sure to be an instant hit with players.

There’s nothing more known at the moment about the game – such as a release window – but we’ve got more than enough to go on to get excited about.

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