Take-Two Says There’s Been No Pushback On $70 Games

Take-Two $70 games

In 2020, Take-Two Interactive became the first company to raise its standard game prices from the traditional $60 to $70. While there was a lot of pushback at the time from players, it’s become clear that many are willing to pay the higher prices.

When asked about the transition to the higher cost and if they were seeing any struggles in acceptance, Take-Two Strauss Zelnick said there hasn’t been as big of an issue as some believed would happen at the time.

“We’re not seeing a pushback on frontline price,” Zelnick said during the earnings call. “What we’re seeing is consumers are seeking to limit their spending by going either to the stuff they really, really care about, blockbusters, or to value, and sometimes it could be both. And the good news is, we have a bunch of blockbusters and we have a wonderful catalog.”

He continued: “The other news is we also have a robust frontline release schedule and without regard to price, there has been some pressure as a result. If a consumer sees something is interesting but not necessarily yet a huge blockbuster. We think that will change.”

What do you think of the game pricing standard gradually continuing its rise to $70? Does it make you more hesitant to purchase games?

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