Nvidia Announces RTX 4060 Family Of Graphics Cards

Nvidia RTX 4060 announced

Nvidia is continuing to put out graphics cards to PC gamers, announcing the GeForce RTX 4060 family of GPUs.

Starting at just $299, the Nvidia RTX 4060 will launch in July. In addition to the base RTX 4060 model, Nvidia is releasing RTX 4060 Ti 8GB and RTX 4060 Ti 16GB models.

The RTX 4060 Ti 8GB will be the first to hit the market on May 24 and will cost $399. The 16GB model launches in July alongside the standard RTX 4060 and will cost $499.

“The RTX 4060 family delivers PC gamers both great value and great performance at 1080p,
whether they’re building a gaming battle box or an AI-assisted creation station,” said Matt
Wuebbling, vice president of global GeForce marketing at NVIDIA, in the press release. “These GPUs deliver an incredible upgrade, starting at just $299, putting Ada Lovelace and DLSS 3 in the hands of millions more worldwide.”

SpecificationRTX 4060RTX 4060 Ti 8GBRTX 4060 Ti 16GB
CUDA Cores307243524352
RT Cores35 TFLOPS 3rd Gen51 TFLOPS 3rd Gen51 TFLOPS 3rd Gen
Tensor Cores242 TFLOPS 4th Gen353 TFLOPS 4th Gen353 TFLOPS 4th Gen
Cache24MB L232MB L232MB L2
Memory8GB 8GB16GB
Memory Bus128-bit128-bit128-bit
Memory Bandwidth272 GB/s288 GB/s288 GB/s
TGP115W160 W160W

Nvidia says that the RTX 4060 cards are the “ultimate graphics cards for 1080p gaming”. According to the company, the RTX 4060 Ti is 2.6x faster than than the RTX 2060 Super and 1.7x faster than the RTX 3060 Ti.

While those performance claims are within games utilizing DLSS 3 frame generation, Nvidia says that the RTX 4060 Ti is still 1.6x faster than RTX 2060 Super.

When it comes to content creation, the new RTX 4060 graphics cards will offer AV1 encoding for streaming. AV1 encoding brings higher-quality video at lower bitrates, using less hardware while increasing overall quality.

With the three new cards, Nvidia is hoping that PC gamers will have an option no matter what they want to play or produce.

What are your thoughts on the Nvidia RTX 4060 graphics cards? Stay tuned for Insider Gaming’s full impressions of the RTX 4060 Ti 8GB in the coming days.

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