Remember Super People? It’s Being Shut Down This Year

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Super People wasn’t exactly a rags-to-riches story of unbound success, but for a while, it was gathering steam as an emerging battle royale game. It was written up as being a ‘superpowered PUBG’ that offered players the potential of being a super-human combatant on the battlefield, and for a brief period of time, it was appreciated by plenty of people.

However, following the player count declining faster than basically anything else in history, it has been confirmed that Super People – now known as Super People 2 – will be shut down forever on August 21st, 2023.

Not So Super After All

Super People was developed by WONDER PEOPLE, a South Korean studio with the lofty goal of disrupting the ever-popular battle royale genre. With Super People, players had the ability to fly into a map, start looting to their heart’s content, and fight against other players, all while unlocking intense abilities that turned them into… Well, Super People.

It gained traction last year, with some top-tier streamers picking it up and broadcasting it far and wide, but all that momentum has since come crashing to the ground. Most people played Super People through WONDER PEOPLE’s proprietary launcher, but if we use Steam as a representative example of the player count, we can see a telling story.

In October 2022, the peak player count sat at 47,392 people. As I write this article, there’s a 24-hour peak of just 267 people. It gets worse, though – on Twitch, the game’s all-time high viewership record of 142,982 users has plummeted to… three viewers.

In a statement posted on the game’s Steam page, WONDER PEOPLE explained the situation:

Unfortunately, though a lot of your support and love, we will have to terminate Early Access of Super People 2 as of August 21st. We have tried hard to do the balance patches and to make efforts for changes consistently, however, the number of users is continuing to decrease.

Due to the game characteristics of Battle Royale, if the number of users decreases, the matching time increases, and matching cannot be fair, so we cannot provide the fun gameplay that we want.

As of now, new players can no longer get involved with Super People (read: Super People 2). But, if you’ve already got the game installed, you can keep playing it until it goes offline in August 2023.

Will you miss Super People?

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