Stellar Blade Sells Estimated 1 Million Units, DLC & Sequel Under Review

stellar blade top

As first reported by Gameca and translated by VGC, Shift Up estimated that Stellar Blade sold over 1 million units, and shared plans for the game’s future.

Developer Shift Up revealed these statements during a new IPO press conference. The devs reportedly said that they are still considering a PC version of Stellar Blade. Interest in the PC port previously surfaced last May.

In the report by VGC, CEO Kim Hyung-Tae elaborated on the PC port. They explained that “we cannot comment on the exact timing or whether or not it will be released due to the contractual relationship.”

Shift Up also expressed interest in new DLC, a sequel, and even IP collaborations. In a new post on X from @Genki_JPN, the devs also appeared to showcase a roadmap.

Images of the roadmap suggest that an IP collaboration could arrive by the end of 2024. Stellar Blade’s DLC and sequel could release sometime past April 2025.

The roadmap seen in @Genki_JPN’s post also teases a new photo mode coming around August 2024. There’s also a first look at a new character skin.

Stellar Blade was the best-selling game in the United States last April, and there were previous rumors the game was approaching 1 million units. Still, Shift Up was previously undecided about pursuing DLC.

Stellar Blade recently got a new update in May. The update introduced a fresh Boss Challenge mode and more cosmetics.

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