State of Decay Developers Grant Fans Wish by Adding Late Father in Their Game

State of Decay developers Undead Labs have granted a fan’s wish by adding his late father in State of Decay 2.

The wholesome moment first appeared on Reddit by user /u/EmbarrassedBudget859 four days ago, which was retweeted by the official State of Decay Twitter page a day later.

The official post said, “So my dad died a few years ago and I’m one of the many who are obsessed with this game. So… I sent the devs a message asking to put him in the game. And they did what they could, which means just adding his name to random survivors. 3 years later and I found HIM. not just his name. But his traits, everything about him. This will always be my forever community.

He continued, “Sorry the photo is trash but I’m still in shock. These devs need more recognition.”

As admitted, the photo wasn’t the best; however, just a few hours later, he uploaded a better image of his dad in the game.

The State of Decay Twitter account credited Undead Labs Game Designer Geoffrey Card for granting the wish of the fan, a gesture that will stick with him for the rest of his life.

Earlier this month, Undead Labs revealed a new trailer for State of Decay 3, but unfortunately, there’s still no word on when the game will be released.

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