Stellar Blade Now Launching in 2024

Stellar Blade Hero

Stellar Blade, the anticipated action-adventure game from Shift Up and Sony, is now going to release sometime in 2024 according to a new PlayStation blog.

Stellar Blade originally went by the title “Project Eve”, with a planned release date for 2023.

Now the year is over, and a concrete release date still hasn’t been confirmed. So, an updated release window for next year was all too expected.

However, the devs haven’t confirmed a closer release window, either. Today’s blog simply mentions it will arrive “next year”, remaining as vague as possible.

Now, it seems that Stellar Blade may not launch early next year, despite its 2023 target. Instead, fans speculate they might have to wait for a Q2 release or later.

The new 2024 release for Stellar Blade was quietly announced today, among other PlayStation titles. Hopefully, developer Shift Up will make a dedicated, official announcement sometime soon.

There has also been no word on the cause for delay. But Stellar Blade does look like an ambitious game, so it may involve larger issues. And naturally, any game deserves the time it needs to launch smoothly.

The devs only recently shared more gameplay details about Stellar Blade last September. It’s a hack-and-slash adventure about defending the Earth from alien hordes as humans strive to escape.

However, today’s blog notes that Stellar Blade will feature a “mature narrative to create something all new”. This will also be Shift Up’s debut console title, and it’s releasing on the PlayStation 5.

There’s currently no word on last-gen support, but there does seem to be an emphasis on DualSense features and “stunning visuals”. So, other ports might be unlikely in service of a full experience.

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