State of Decay 2 is Getting Major Updates, Five Years Later

state of decay 2

It has been five (and a half) years since State of Decay 2 was released, emerging as a solid open-world zombie-slaying adventure that gives players the opportunity to hunker down and build both a base and a community. It was a fantastic follow-up to 2013’s State of Decay, and it’s still being kept alive by Undead Labs, who is preparing to release another major update on September 18th.

Next week, the ‘Curveball’ update will be applied to State of Decay 2. This update has been tested in the PTR since July, but it’s now dropping globally for users, and it’s going to change the face of the game, to some extent.

Curveballs are Coming

As revealed in a blog post back in July, Curveballs take the chaotic nature of the post-apocalypse and make it… Well, even more chaotic.

In the Curveball update coming to the game on September 18th, players will be exposed to literal curveballs – events that crop up that are totally unexpected and at times intensely challenging. Alternatively, they might be bizarrely rewarding – that’s the nature of a curveball. It’ll change your circumstances, for better or worse, and you’ll never see it coming.

There are major curveballs, minor curveballs, and repeat curveballs. There are circumstances in which curveballs can ‘stack’, and there will be curveballs that impact your community, the world around you, your settlement, and the undead that roam the streets.

Are you still playing State of Decay 2 after all these years?

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  1. Where’s State Of Decay 3? that’s the question. Undead Labs founder left in 2021 I believe so is that game cancelled it got revealed in 2020.

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