3 Hours of Mortal Kombat 1 Story Mode Gameplay Leaks Online

Mortal Kombat 1 cross-play

3 hours of Mortal Kombat 1 Story Mode gameplay has leaked online before its official release on September 19, 2023. The leak comes following another major leak last week that revealed the entire Mortal Kombat 1 roster.

It’s currently unclear if the streamer who livestreamed the footage before the worldwide embargo received the game early via the publisher or obtained the game by other means. You can watch the 3 hours of gameplay via this download link.

As expected, the gameplay has caused some controversy within the Mortal Kombat community as some fans are finding the new timeline a bit difficult to comprehend.

Reddit user u/SmaugRancor said, “All these multiverse stories that are now in movies, shows, games, etc. are genuinely dog s**t. I’m so f**king tired of them.” Another user, with the handle u/Aquiper said, “Oh for the love of god, once they go alternate timeline highjinks they never go back do they? That was the plot of the last game!!!”

Mortal Kombat 1 officially takes place in a new universe after Fire God Liu Kang created a new universe in his own image. Though not everything in his new universe is as perfect as he planned, Liu Kang assembles a clique of warriors from different realms to battle a familiar threat from the past.

Mortal Kombat 1 will launch on September 19, 2023, and early access will begin on September 14 for the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, PC, and Nintendo Switch.

What do you think of the new Mortal Kombat 1 gameplay? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. The multiverse made sense for Injustice 3 and DC but here it didn’t. Now it feels like they’ll kill any momentum if they do it in Injustice 3 a game that won’t be made until 2030 probably. I saw the ending it’s awful not just this multiverse stuff but the fusion characters. The story of this game makes no sense it’s not worth the money.

    1. Ed needs to get off Twitter and stop trolling. He’s teasing a Marvel game, Injustice 3, Def Jam, a kaiju game, a DC vs Marvel game, and the story director is teasing another Mortal Kombat is next after this one. I don’t think Injustice 3 will happen the last game came out in 2017 the interest in a new game 10 years later with a dying brand won’t perform we’ll especially after this game.

    2. Havik and Kotal fused are the new villain from another universe it’s really dumb. The multiverse kills the whole new universe thing since Liu Kang’s universe still exists. NRS has to hate Shao they keep downgrading him he’s not a big bad anymore hasn’t been in years. Instead of using Onaga they made Kronika now they bring her back which makes no sense and Shang is the villain. Kuai being Scorpion is stupid and he’s banging Hanzo’s should be wife. Everyone at NRS should be fired! I assume Nitara is just Skarlet in this universe not the real Nitara. All the 3D characters look awful they’re nothing like they should be. If they make another game I hope it’s in another universe not this awful one so the 3D characters get to shine and Hanzo is Scorpion again. Kai, Sareena, Shujinko, Kira, Onaga, Hsu Hao, Kobra, Darrius, Mavado, Bo’Rai’Cho, Hotaru, Dairou, Blaze, Moloch, hopefully come back in that game as main roster just hire John Tobias back. I hate the weird Shao Kahn face they gave him just make Reiko his young self because this sucks and Reiko was boring too!

  2. They took 4 years and cancelled Injustice 3 for this?! The story is awful the redesigns are bad this game was not needed and the villain of all characters they brought Kronika back?! No Onaga but she’s back! The multiverse thing works for DC but not MK. Even worse we’re stuck with this game for a while now because of the strike and they said before that this would be the longest supported game so 3-4 years of DLC. Knowing them Injustice was quietly killed off in the background in favor of another MK. They seem to not know how to write a story I thought Injustice 2 was bad but MK 11 was fine, then this came along it’s horrible. The next villain is awful and yeah they’re doing the multiverse thing for that villain too who shouldn’t be a big bad at all. Funny they do the Armageddon thing but a ton o characters were missing so it just felt cheap and not needed it was a mix of MK 11 meets Armageddon. This is the first MK main game not to feature Hanzo in the base roster.

  3. Ed lied he said Quan Chi and Ermac wouldn’t be in the story they are. This multiverse thing is being overdone I think if this was Injustice it would work because DC has like millions of characters but with MK I don’t think they even have 100 so a multiverse is weird now I don’t want a Injustice with the multiverse. Not to mention they did Hanzo dirty in this game he’s a kid I was hoping he would be Smoke’s real dad and come back as Noob but instead Kuai replaces him fully. This story is just bad and despite Jez Corden’s leaks Onaga is not in this game so maybe he’s DLC but definitely not worth the price. The multiverse makes the changes seem unnecessary and this new universe seem useless. Why did Liu Kang allow this? Shang being the villain is a huge disappointment not Shao or the obvious choice everyone has waited on Onaga. They should make MK 2 next and go back to the old timeline because this one sucks! Bring Onaga back a everyone else as they were not these warped versions of them. The 3D era characters don’t even look or act like themselves they might as well be brand new characters then again Ed didn’t have much involvement on those games so he doesn’t know most of them.

    1. I hope Ed is finally fired after this he lies and tells too much you would think his higher ups would reel him in but they never do and he does it again and again. I remember reports the staff had trauma making MK games so I don’t know why they made this? I don’t think WB told them to make MK I think it was Ed and his ego, if it was the higher ups he wouldn’t shade them. Reminder of how Ed treated his staff all the allegations about the toxic environment at Netherrealm and the crunch.

  4. This story wasn’t good is an understatement. Why did they skip Injustice 3? It makes no sense the same report from The Information that said WB Games might be sold off also said Mortal Kombat would remain at WBD not with Netherrealm if sold. Something else had to be going on and Ed doesn’t want to talk about it. I don’t think it’s a Marvel game and Ed needs to stop talking about that he’s getting everyone’s hopes up. It feels like too much time has passed for Injustice 3 now, Kevin Conroy is dead, and DC is not looking good in any way I don’t think an Injustice 3 would sell whenever it releases in 2027 or 2028. This is disappointing Netherrealm made trash with this game and used Unreal 4 not 5 and for some reason who knows if they’ll upgrade for their next game since they have so much trouble upgrading from Unreal 2 to 3 now 3 to 4.

  5. Injustice 3 was skipped for this crap. Hopefully we don’t have any Mortal Kombat characters in it this time around. Hopefully it comes out next year I really have no interest in this game. I think content creators feel the same if Injustice was made instead they wouldn’t have to deal with the guidelines on YouTube age restricting their videos and DC needs a win right now because any longer the brand will be dead just look at their bomb factory of recent starting with Black Adam.

  6. Game was trash story wise and $70 is way too much the graphics look last gen this wait and this is what you make? Now if they make Injustice 3 it just seems like it will be bad too long a wait and the anticipation is gone. If they wanted to do the multiverse they should have cancelled this and made Injustice 3 just adapt the Convergence storyline and destroy the universe so you can start fresh but now it seems like it’s too late. I don’t see how DLC helps this game especially if you have to pay for more.

  7. This is why they should have made Injustice 3! If they did Kevin Conroy could have had 1 last good portrayal of Batman. DC needed the boost after the bombs they made and upcoming Suicide Squad garbage game where in his role his character Batman is killed. This game was a mistake.

  8. It’s clear that Injustice 3 was scrapped and they repurposed it into this not just the gameplay like everyone thought or art style and color pallets but the story too this whole multiverse thing would work in Injustice maybe instead of Liu it was supposed to be Superman Prime or Dr. Manhattan it would make sense end the game with a reboot then tease a new villain for the reboot universe. The multiverse thing fits DC better anyway, the kameo system would better fit Injustice, and the clashes are straight out of Injustice not to mention bright colors. It’s clear this was originally Injustice so I don’t know what they do now? Make Injustice 3 or Mortal Kombat 2?

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