Brand-New State of Decay 3 Trailer Reveal at Xbox Games Showcase

State of Decay 2 Billboard
Image via Undead Labs

In what was definitely not on my bingo sheet but one I was not-so-secretly wishing for, we’ve heard about an upcoming trailer for State of Decay 3, which will be released during the Xbox Games Showcase. We’re not yet sure if it’s gameplay or another cinematic, like the one they revealed over three years ago, but here’s hoping for the former!

This leak stems from developer Undead Labs updating their website with new branding and information to better align with their standing as a first-party Xbox game development studio. Xbox purchased Undead Labs in 2018, following the immense success of their original game, State of Decay, which became a cult classic. Their follow-up, State of Decay 2, continues the franchise, offering a highly replayable zombie survival game of immense quality and entertainment value.

But now, it’s time for something more. In a press release leak that fell through the cracks during the website update, we know there’s a new State of Decay 3 trailer reveal at the Xbox Games Showcase on June 9. Here’s what the press release had to say:


Undead Labs engaged with 51 Eggs, a branding practice, on an odyssey to align the studio brand with its evolution from indie to Xbox. Undead Labs was founded in Seattle in 2009 as a scrappy startup with only a handful of developers. The studio’s name was a clever marketing tactic for the first State of Decay game, a surprise hit that launched in 2013. A decade and a half later, Undead Labs bears little resemblance to its early incarnation. Following an acquisition in 2018, its relationship with Xbox changed from publishing partner to parent company. Shortly after, the founder departed, and new Studio Head Philip Holt began his leadership tenure, including overseeing the expansion of satellite oices in Illinois and Florida. It was time for the studio brand to change. “We wanted to give the creatives we work with a collective identity that transcends zombies,” says Holt. Chief of Sta Vicki Ebberts adds, “It felt right — and also the right time — that our brand reflected how much we’ve grown and changed.” Partnering with brand development experts 51 Eggs proved to be an exciting and rewarding adventure. Collaborating closely with the Undead Labs team, 51 Eggs delivered a holistic, studio values-driven brand experience encompassing everything from brand strategy to verbal and visual brand identity design. The end result includes redefining Undead Labs’ name and brand story, a new logo and visual ecosystem, boot sequence animations, website, custom brand launch kits, interior studio artwork, signage, wayfinding, and more. Over nearly two years, these Pacific Northwest-based companies worked together to explore the studio’s legacy, current trajectory, and the shared dreams and aspirations of its beating heart — the people of Undead Labs. “This rebrand evolves the Undead Labs brand and elevates the role of the game studio brand within the category by building a brand-world that feels substantial and immersive in a way previously reserved for games.” Nate Manny, Founder of 51 Eggs.

Undead Labs revealed its new brand during the highly anticipated Xbox Showcase presentation on June 9th, in the newest State of Decay 3 trailer. Explore and experience the new Undead Labs brand at

This leak originally came from the State of Decay 3 subreddit, where a keen-eyed user found the information, and the website updated promptly!

We’ll share more once the trailer goes live!

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