Brand New Starfield Trailer Revealed at Xbox Showcase

starfield trailer

An all-new Starfield trailer has been revealed at the Xbox Showcase, and it looks fantastic. It’s a couple of minutes in length, but it essentially reveals so much about what’s coming, from the wildlife in the game to the factions, and from the movement mechanics to the universe itself and why we’re actually doing what we’re doing in Starfield.

There are shots of trading hubs, settlements filled with life, dinosaur-looking creatures, and violent, no-holds-barred combat. It looks tasty, and it’s coming September 6th – which we already knew, of course.

This trailer is just a taster of what’s coming – the full Starfield Direct showcase is due to drop after the Xbox Games Showcase has wrapped up – so hang around for more coverage!

You can watch the full Xbox Showcase here:

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