Fallout 76 is (Finally) Getting a New Expedition

fallout 76

It was revealed today at the Xbox Games Showcase that Fallout 76 is getting an all-new Expedition – almost an entire year after the last one – The Pitt – was released. It’ll take players to Atlantic City, and while we have no release date for this ‘expansion of sorts’, it’s a sign that something is coming soon – which is what the game sorely needs… Content!

Why Atlantic City?

There’s very little to pick out from the brief trailer, but there is a little lore regarding Atlantic City in Fallout history. As the story goes, Atlantic City is under the control of The Five Families, all of them a raider group vying for control of the location – perhaps that’ll tie into the Expedition when it drops.

It’s arguably much more interesting than The Pitt when it comes to the backstory, as while The Pitt was a ‘revisiting’ of a Fallout 3 DLC, Atlantic City hasn’t ever been featured in a Fallout game.

Here’s the trailer:

Sadly, when the last Expedition was announced, it was well over a year before it was released. Let’s hope that this one doesn’t follow the same trend.

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