Starfield’s Next Showcase is Imminent, It’s Claimed


If it isn’t the most highly anticipated game of the decade, it’s certainly the most highly anticipated game of the year. For weeks, the community has been writhing under the weight of nail-biting anxiety, desperately longing for even a tidbit of information that reveals when the next Starfield showcase will drop.

Well, according to VGC News’ Andy Robinson, an announcement for the Starfield showcase is ‘imminent’, which suggests something will be confirmed in the coming days.

Are we about to learn Starfield’s release date?

What Else Could They Show?

Following the Developer_Direct that took place in January, it was revealed that Starfield – which was omitted from the Xbox and Bethesda-centric show – would get its own showcase ‘later in the year’. Since then, fans have been somewhat left out of the loop and no further information has been revealed.

Now, according to Robinson, the announcement regarding the potential showcase is about to drop. In his specific words, that’s ‘as in, soon’.

Fans are now pondering over what the Starfield showcase might even include. In past months, Bethesda Game Studios has shared extensive info on the upcoming space-faring epic, which has included the creation of gameplay reveals that have essentially uncovered almost every mechanic in the game.

From the size of the universe to the depth of the in-game creative elements and from the core concepts of the story to the RPG mechanics, we know a stunning amount about Starfield. At this point, the only thing we likely aren’t aware of is the planned release date.

Here’s one of the latest, lengthy clips produced by BGS:

Following last year’s postponement of Starfield, it was stated that the game would launch ‘in the first half of 2023’. This was a launch window mirrored by Arkane’s Redfall, which was also delayed before subsequently being given a launch date of May 2nd.

Could we be days away from learning Starfield’s release date? Perhaps.

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