Starfield: Make Free Money with Research Towers

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Starfield’s players have started scouring planets, searching aggressively for the existence of an ‘Abandoned Research Tower’ point of interest. They’re doing this for one simple reason – finding one can net you thousands of credits in seconds, but it’s something that the game doesn’t actually highlight can be done.

If you land on a planet because you’ve found one of these towers, or if you subsequently find one while exploring, you can unlock all the planetary survey data in a single instant, meaning you no longer need to scan every plant, resource, and creature all over the planet, which can sometimes take hours.

Once you have that data, you can sell it for thousands of credits.

What a Tip!

This latest Starfield money-making tip was posted on Reddit by us

er ‘Repulsive_Show_1664’, and it’s one of the most beneficial tips we’ve seen emerge from the game thus far. There are few requirements to fully scan a planet outside of certain mission board tasks, but those that do crop up can be mind-numbing – you may be left scanning for hours, trying to find that last hidden bug or discovering that what you’re searching for is deep within an acidic ocean.

Image Credit: JSRFortunes on Twitter

So, if you’re lucky enough to find an Abandoned Research Tower, you can get around that laborious and oftentimes lethal task by walking in, downloading the data, and navigating your way to the nearest spaceport to sell that information for thousands of credits.

It’s easy money if you manage to find a Tower!

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