Trick Starfield And Get One of the Best Spacesuits Early

starfield mark 1

There’s a special, super-secret trick that you can do to secure one of the best spacesuits in Starfield almost from the start of the game. It’s a remarkably easy method that takes advantage of a tiny bug in the game that Bethesda Game Studios is yet to patch, and it rewards you with one of best apparel triple-packs – a helmet, spacesuit, and a booster pack.

It’s a set called the ‘Mark 1’, and you can think of it as a legendary relic that’s connected to the very foundations of Constellation – one of the most important in-game factions. However, despite the legendary status of this suit, it has been locked away in a basement, hidden in a display cabinet in the corner of a dank storeroom to rot away.

That’s where you come in.

How to Get the Mark 1 Suit in Starfield

If you want to grab the Mark 1 suit set in Starfield, you’ll need to play for the shortest time – until you become a trusted and fresh member of Constellation at The Lodge on Jemison. Once you’ve secured that step, simply navigate towards the main door of the building and find the door on the left (or right, if you’ve just walked in).

It’s a locked door, but when you’re a trusted member, you get a key to that door, and you can go down into a near-abandoned basement that’s being used as a haphazard storage area.

Once you’re here, head to the far side of the basement and find a display cabinet tucked into the corner of a room – it’s quite obvious once you’ve got the right room. Now, on the front of the cabinet, just to the right-hand side of the front-most panel, there’s a seam – it’s almost imperceptible.

If you get close to the cabinet and tweak your perception dot over that seam, you may notice your action prompt change from a lockpick (master lock, by the way) to ‘Mannequin’. Once you’ve hit that, simply tap the action button, loot the mannequin, and walk away – no strings, no repercussions, and no drama.

Wasn’t that easy?

Note: It may help to lower your sensitivity and crouch when you’re studying the seam – but it’s not at all a difficult task, despite the seam probably measuring in at just a few millimeters.

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