Starfield Is Officially Rated Lower Than Fallout 76


Boy, those words will kick up a storm – but let me explain. It was recently discovered that Starfield has officially crossed a threshold and is rated lower than Fallout 76 – Bethesda’s beleaguered MMORPG – on Steam. It has just dropped to an overall positivity rating of 71.37% – and Fallout 76 has, at the time of writing, a rating of 71.76%.

There are around 1,100 positive reviews in it – that’s Fallout 76’s edge. It’s not exactly a gulf, but it does show two potential theories: either Starfield has an issue impressing fans on Steam or Fallout 76 is better than people have made out for all these years.

Is Fallout 76 Better Than Starfield?

‘Better’ is subjective, right? I’ve poured around a thousand hours into Fallout 76 and am still playing it today, and I can safely and happily say that it has recovered wonderfully from a terrible launch period.

On the other hand, after one hundred hours in Starfield, I feel a little burnt out and unwilling to jump into NG+, even if it is incentivised. It’s not a slight against the game – I just think I played too much, too fast. I’ll get back into it.

However, on Steam – according to SteamDB – Starfield has crept beneath Fallout 76 in its overall rating, and even if it’s by a third of a percent, it’s still indicative of a wider story. It’s showing us that almost a third of all users on Steam aren’t entirely happy with their purchase – some 24,600 users, in fact.

We expected that kind of result from Fallout 76, which still remains a boogeyman of the gaming world today, but from Starfield, Bethesda’s most ambitious game ever that’s supposed to be earning the firm $1 billion? Not at all.

But that’s the way the cookie crumbles.

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