All-New Live Action Starfield Trailer Revealed at Gamescom


In the run-up to Starfield being released, Bethesda Game Studios has revealed a stunning live-action trailer in celebration of the imminent launch. It was opened up by a live performance by the legendary composer, Inon Zur, and with an almost ethereal cover of Elton John’s Rocketman echoing in the background, we got a glimpse at some of the epic scenery we can come to expect from Starfield.

It was the perfect opener to Gamescom’s Opening Night Live showcase, and you can see it below.

Starfield Is Surely Something Epic

There are remarkably high expectations for Starfield, which releases first in early access on September 1st, 2023. In recent days, leaks have begun pouring out from within the project, including gameplay streams surfacing online, and what we’re seeing does look quite fantastic.

It’s a long time coming, and following several years of development, it looks as though Bethesda Game Studios is about to release a once-in-a-lifetime blockbuster epic. At present, early access players, sly reviewers, and even those with ‘suspiciously-obtained’ copies are saying nothing but good things about the project.

Here’s the live-action trailer:

At Gamescom right now, users are getting exclusive access to the first hour or so of the game, where they can learn how it all kicks off and where it goes from there – exciting stuff.

Are you getting increasingly excited for Starfield?

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