Is the Starfield Creation Kit Free? – Answered

Starfield New Atlantis
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One of the most significant announcements for Starfield fans, second only to the reveal of Shattered Space, was the shadow drop for the Starfield Creation Kit. It’s the tool necessary to create unique mods, like additional ship modules, quests, and creatures. It’ll enhance the gameplay and significantly improve Starfield’s longevity. But is the Starfield Creation Kit free?

Can You Download the Starfield Creation Kit for Free?

It’s relatively easy to confuse the Starfield Creation Club with the Creation Kit. The former is a paid mod service with creations approved by Bethesda and sold for top dollar. The latter, however, is a free-to-use toolset that allows savvy users to create game modifications to enhance Starfield’s gameplay tenfold. It’s one of the most requested features we’ve all been waiting for, and it’s finally here!

Starfield Creation Kit UI
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You can download the Starfield Creation Kit on Steam and share your game modifications with other users. There are options. You can share them via Starfield Creation Club, attempt to partner with Bethesda to release a paid mod with their approval, or use the tried-and-true method of launching a mod on Nexus. Your prospective fans will prefer the latter.

Are Starfield Mods Free?

Starfield Creations Plushies
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There are two varieties of game mods available for Starfield: unofficial user-made mods, typically found on Nexus, or the Bethesda-approved variety, found in the Creation Club. The latter costs money. You can buy Starfield Creation Credits to purchase these mods for:

  • 500 Creation Credits – $4.99
  • 1000 Creation Credits – $9.99
  • 2700 Creation Credits – $24.99
  • 5500 Creation Credits – $49.99

Alternatively, if you’d rather not pay for mods, which is a stance most will likely take, you can visit Nexus to download user-made mods entirely free. Some mod authors charge for their work, but they usually host them separately from Nexus, like on Discord or Patreon, and they’re upfront about the cost.

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