EA Has Canceled Respawn’s First-Person Mandalorian Game

EA has canceled Respawn Entertainments’ first-person Star Wars game, which Insider Gaming previously reported was based on a Mandalorian bounty hunter.

The news comes as a part of a company restructuring, which will see 5% of its workforce laid off and a reduction in developing games of licensed IP. As a part of this move, the Mandalorian game has been canceled.

EA has been moving away from licensed IP for a while, first rejecting the idea of a Star Wars Battlefront 3 in favor of more Battlefield content, and more recently it decided to move away from FIFA and form ‘EA Sports FC’. On Battlefront 3, which was pitched sometime in 2020 – 2021, one source said that “the project wasn’t greenlit by EA due to the licensing fees and that’s where it ended.”

Understandably, the move comes as a major shock for those working on the project, which already had several levels and a vertical slice completed.

According to sources, the game would see the player take control of a Mandalorian bounty hunter who would travel across the galaxy to capture bounties. Sources described the game as “very fast-paced” and as such will reward players who play in this style; for example, the player’s health will mainly regenerate based on successive kills.

Insider Gaming intends to follow up this story with more details on the canceled star wars respawn project soon.

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  1. What are they making then? Just Apex because all their other games got cancelled Titanfall 3, Apex single player, now this.

  2. Another cancelled Star Wars project.
    Sometimes it feels like more Star Wars games/films/series get cancelled vs. get made.

    It’s sad that games like this cannot be shopped around to other game studios in the way some cancelled TV Shows find new homes.

  3. Good make something else instead or just support Apex I mean Star Wars is a dead brand it would have hurt them.

  4. Most of the Medal Of Honor team works here they should just give Respawn the Medal Of Honor IP and have DICE provide support. Battlefield won’t comeback.

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