Star Wars Outlaws Rated High in Korea For ‘Speculative Behavior’

star wars outlaws release

According to the official page on Korea’s Game Rating and Administration Committee, Star Wars Outlaws is rated 19+ in South Korea.

The rating board cites that Star Wars Outlaws includes “realistic simulation of speculative behavior”. There is also “a mini-game with content of in-game betting and dividends”.

Star Wars Outlaws is an open world adventure from Massive Entertainment. Last month, Ubisoft confirmed that it would launch in Financial Year 2025, in addition to Assassin’s Creed Red. A blog post in January also suggested it will release later this year.

While there is still no concrete release date, earning a rating in South Korea might give fans a better idea of the potential window.

Fans speculate that the mini-game cited for the rating likely refers to a Sabbac card game. Sabbac is a famous, poker-style game in the Star Wars IP.

Casual fans might recognize it from Solo: A Star Wars Story. Sabbac also appeared in a previous Star Wars Outlaws trailer.

Given the title, it makes sense that Star Wars Outlaws would depict key features like Sabbac to represent an edgier side of the galaxy.

It’s unclear if this will hike up the rating in other countries, too. Some markets delisted indie hit Balatro over gambling depictions, but that featured actual poker cards during gameplay. Still, Balatro eventually rejoined those markets, and went on to sell 1 million copies soon after launch.

Just last week, NVIDIA announced that Star Wars Outlaws will launch with DLSS 3 and ray-traced effects. These features greatly improve visual depth and realism through frame generation and lighting simulation. Even if fans are skeptical over Ubisoft’s habits, the game will surely look good.

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