EXCLUSIVE – Respawn is Developing a First-Person Star Wars Mandalorian Game

Insider Gaming sources have revealed that Respawn Entertainment is developing a first-person Star Wars Mandalorian game that is in its early stages of development.

According to sources, the game will see the player take control of a Mandalorian bounty hunter (unclear who) set during the time when the Galactic Empire is dominating across the galaxy. It’s your job, as a bounty hunter to capture bounties dead or alive for cash rewards.

As first reported by VentureBeat’s Jeff Grubb, the game was being led by Respawn creative director Mohammad Alavi, who left the studio to pursue his next adventure. According to Grubb, who didn’t disclose it was a Star Wars game at the time (but has recently), the game will be focused on “mobility” and “style” as guiding principles.

UPDATE: Sources have since revealed that Alavi was not directing this game, and instead was directing a canceled Apex Legends game, which was first reported by Bloomberg.

The game’s high mobility has been made possible storytelling-wise thanks to the Mandalorian’s jetpack, which allows the player to perform horizontal dashing, vertical jumping, boost sliding (somewhat similar to sliding down hills in Apex Legends), and more. Sources described the game as “very fast-paced” and as such will reward players who play in this style; for example, the player’s health will mainly regenerate based on successive kills.

As to be expected, playing as a Mandalorian bounty hunter gives the player a wide variety of weapons and gadgets including a wrist rocket, grapple hook, a visor for tagging enemies and bounties, and more.

It’s understood that the game will not be an open world and have linear levels taking place on a variety of different planets in the Star Wars universe.

While it’s unclear when the game will be released, it was said we’re still a year or two away, at the very least. It’s currently unclear if the game will have a multiplayer experience or not.

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  1. Is this the same one that was leaked on Stadia a few years ago?? If so, there is video of it.

  2. Respawn should bring back Force Unleashed finally make Force Unleashed 3 while they’re at it finally make 1313 and handle KOTOR 3 have Motive remake the old games. EA is the perfect place for Star Wars after all.

  3. The Mandalorian & Grogu movie (rumored working title Thunder Alley) is expected to be out sometime in 2026. If they could have gotten a good game done in time to coincide with the release of the movie, EA’s potentially losing out on much more $ than they’re saving with this decision.

    The Dark Forces Remaster has gotten good reviews. If that game sells well, despite IMO being overpriced at $30, EA could definitely have made money on a Mandalorian game.

    Besides, other than the new College Football game, it’s not like EA is definitely investing more in their sports games. The only thing new with Madden is the mode EA manages to screw up and make worse than the year before, According to an article I read today, College Football is the only one of their college sports titles that’s going to return. They don’t have plans to reintriduce their college basketball game that died after the release of NCAA Basketball 10 or the MVP College Baseball game that ended in 2007.

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