Star Wars Jedi Team Issues Statement On Game’s Poor Performance

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Update

It may have only launched today, but players have already taken to the airwaves earnestly to express their disappointment with Star Wars Jedi: Survivor’s performance on PC. In yet another shambolic launch for PC gamers, Jedi: Survivor is exhibiting vast swathes of issues, and by way of a response, the ‘Star Wars Jedi Team’ has published a statement on Twitter.

In the statement, it’s explained that there’s ‘no single, comprehensive solution for PC performance’, highlighting that, with so many variations to the possible ‘setups’ that a PC gamer can run, it’s impossible to address every issue quickly.

The Force Isn’t With Them

It’s another case of the consumer becoming the QA tester, as following in the footsteps of some other recent titles, Star Wars Jedi: Survivor has launched in a poor state on PC platforms. At the time of publishing, 61% of all reviews on Steam are negative, with the game bearing a ‘Mostly Negative’ rating overall.

Most recently, The Last of Us Part I was released on PC to a woefully poor reception, owing to a slew of intense issues present in the game.

It seems that most issues are occurring on the highest-tier PC setups, with gamers boasting the best technology experiencing the highest proportion of issues. In some cases, players with 30-Series RTX GPUs are running through areas and only climbing as high as 20 or 30 FPS.

However, the statement that was published by the Star Wars Jedi Team was less than encouraging:

It’s part and parcel of any tech platform – issues will need investigating, fixes will need to be drawn up, tested, and then ultimately patched into production, and of course, this takes time. But, for as long as it takes Respawn to fix these issues, fans on PC platforms will become increasingly disappointed with their purchase – and will likely seek refunds.

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