Sony to Attend CES 2023

Sony CES 2023

Sony has confirmed that it’s attending CES 2023. The announcement comes with the annual event just over a month away.

Sony’s press conference will be live on January 4, 2023 at 8pm EST/5pm PST. It will be available to watch worldwide on the company’s YouTube channel.

What happened last year with Sony at CES?

CES 2022, if you recall, was a major event for Sony. Not only did the company talk about its upcoming QD-OLED TVs, but it was also the event where the PlayStation VR 2 (PS VR 2) was announced to the World.

There’s been no inclination as to what Sony will show and/or reveal during its CES 2023 conference next year as it pertains to gaming. From a non-gaming standpoint — and based on its Tweet — Sony could be prepared to talk about its future in the electric vehicle (EV) space alongside Honda. A recent report on that front suggested that those could be coming by 2026 in both the United States and Japan.

For gamers, an Insider Gaming exclusive from September did suggest that Sony is looking to launch a new version of the PlayStation 5 (PS5) in the future. Unlike the current two in circulation, however, this new PS5 would feature a detachable disc drive. This new version of the console would also replace the current versions when it comes to production.

“The console, currently named the D chassis PlayStation 5, will have almost identical hardware to the existing consoles already on the market,” the report said.

If Sony were to announce a new version of the console, CES 2023 seems like a perfect time to do so. If not, then fans would likely have to wait until the summer at the earliest.

CES 2023 takes place both virtually and in Las Vegas, NV from January 5-8. What are you hoping to see from Sony?