Sonic Heroes Remake In Development For Nintendo Switch 2, Report Claims

Sonic Heroes could be making a comeback for the next Nintendo Switch in the form of a remake.

According to a new report from Universo Nintendo, a remake of the 2003 platformer is in development for the upcoming Nintendo Switch 2 — or whatever Nintendo ends up calling it. It’s also claimed that the game is being developed in Unreal Engine.

Corroborating the original report is notable Sega leaker Midori, saying the information is “correct”.

In addition to the next Nintendo console, the report also claims that the remake would also release on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC via Steam.

Sonic Heroes originally released in 2003, and put players in control of a team of characters as opposed to one singular character. There are four teams in total with each character having a specific ability whether it be speed, power, or flight.

The game was also the first multi-platform Sonic game, releasing for PlayStation 2, Nintendo GameCube, Xbox, and PC.

On Metacritic, the game has seen “mixed or average” reviews over the years.

What do you think of a Sonic Heroes Remake coming to the Nintendo Switch 2? For more Insider Gaming, read about what some publishers are saying about supporting Xbox in the future.

  1. That’s great but Sonic Adventure 1 and 2 should be remade first then Heroes and while they’re at it give us a remake of Riders or a new Riders game and a Platinum Games made Shadow game and Silver game.

  2. I hope they bring back the 4Kids voice cast to voice them instead of using the new actors.

  3. The game was great the “mixed” reviews are from boomers who hate anime Sonic so during that time they just shat on all things modern Sonic just look back and it resulted in the trash we got after with the Sonic Colors writing staff and now current writing staff. I hope they bring Shino Maekawa back finally make Adventure 3 and bring Sonic X back alongside the 4Kids cast the best Sonic VA’s.

    1. Facts I miss Jason’s versions also they should bring the 06 voices for Silver and Blaze same for the anime if it came back.

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