Sonic Frontiers 2023 Roadmap Reveals Massive Content Drop

sonic frontiers 2023 roadmap guide

Sonic Frontiers was released at the start of November with a relatively positive reception, and it seems that the Sonic Team is eager to capitalise on the current popularity of the game. It was recently revealed that a densely-packed 2023 roadmap is in place, and it’s poised to deliver a massive injection of free content.

From an entirely new story to all-new playable characters, and from a photo mode to new Koco, the Sonic Team has been hard at work plugging Sonic Frontiers with plenty of content. This roadmap will be delivered over three core updates, spread out over the course of the year in order to maximise the longevity of the game.

Gotta Go Fast

Sonic Frontiers is the franchise’s first open-world adventure, taking the classic super-speeding Hedgehog icon and throwing him into a vast environment, ripe for exploration. While some reviewers felt that the open world was somewhat desolate or bland, opinions as a whole were generally positive.

As a direct refusal to give in to any bad press, the Sonic Team has put together a sturdy roadmap for 2023, which will bring a whole host of new content to those still playing Sonic Frontiers. Here’s the breakdown of what’s coming:

Update 1:

  • Juke Box
  • Photo Mode
  • New Challenge Modes

Update 2:

  • Sonic’s Birthday Celebration
  • Open Zone Challenge
  • New Koco

Update 3:

  • New Playable Characters
  • All-New Story

Arguably the most exciting part of the new roadmap is the introduction of new playable characters and an extension of the existing story. When this update drops, players will be able to assume control of Amy Rose, Knuckles, and Tails. It has been more than a decade since fans have been able to play as any of these characters, so it’s definitely a cause for excitement.

This story expansion will be tied in some way to Sage, a mysterious character introduced in Sonic Frontiers.

On The Up

Behind the scenes, work is constantly being done to improve Sonic Frontiers. On the 28th of November, a sizeable patch was published to address bugs, performance issues, and gameplay optimisations. There was a further update applied that updated the Xbox Series S version of the game, unlocking Performance mode.

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