Beyond Good and Evil 2 is Still in “Early Development”

It seems like a joke at this point, but several sources have reported that Beyond Good and Evil 2 is still in the “blocking phase” for the most part, with a few small areas with low-resolution textures.

The news comes as I reported this past summer via eXputer that external playtesting was starting for the game.

Insider Gaming understands that both external and internal playtesting has continued throughout the summer, with some sources stating that Ubisoft has been expressing that the game is in “early development” to those fortunate enough to get their hands on the game, as well as internally amongst colleagues and new people coming into the project.

Images and video provided to Insider Gaming under anonymity and under the condition the images don’t go public suggests that the game has probably been rebooted since the Pre-Alpha Demo Walkthrough shown in 2018; as nothing seen shows the same level of detail.

The majority of the images and footage provided to Insider Gaming show bare planets with blocked structures for buildings. Any structures that had some form of detail were very low quality; almost like the game was being played on an ultra-low setting.

All of the footage provided to Insider Gaming unfortunately looks nothing like the quality of gameplay shown in the video. The spaceships, however, do resemble the official footage shown in 2018.

As for Ubisoft, it’s unclear how fast the game can go from its current state into a fully-fledged title, but I’d estimate we won’t be seeing this game for another couple of years.

When asked for comment before the publication of this report, Ubisoft said “Beyond Good and Evil 2’s development is underway and the team is hard at work to deliver on its ambitious promise.”

Earlier this year, Beyond Good and Evil 2 overtook Duke Nuken Forever as the longest-in-development title ever. managing director Brendan Sinclair noted in September that Beyond Good and Evil’s 2’s first trailer launched on May 30, 2008. This means, at the time of writing, the title has been in development for 5297 days, surpassing Duke Nukem Forever’s 5156 days fairly easily. With potentially a couple more years to go, we could see Beyond Good and Evil 2 hit that 6000 mark.

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