Silent Hill 2 Remake Release Date May Have Been Revealed

silent hill 2 remake release date

It’s a slim chance, but that’s better than no chance. It has been discovered that, amid pre-orders going live for Silent Hill 2, one website has listed a release date for the highly anticipated horror revisit that no other platform has featured as of yet. For many, it seems too specific to be a placeholder, and the timing of the date being listed on the site is nothing short of providential.

Is the Silent Hill 2 Remake Being Released in March?

On PCGameBenchmark, a release date of March 21st, 2024 has been given, along with other information related to the specification of the Silent Hill 2 Remake. It was around seven months ago that claims surfaced that the game was ‘almost ready to go’, and given that pre-orders have now gone live, that date isn’t too far-fetched – but it should still be taken with a pinch of salt.

For many, Silent Hill 2 is considered one of the best horror games of all time. It was an impactful title when it was released back in 2001, and it went on to influence other horror games in the years to come.

Recently, news began surfacing suggesting that the Silent Hill 2 Remake could have its content offering broadened, specifically targeting one of the game’s most iconic baddies – Pyramid Head. It was suggested that Pyramid Head’s origin story will be explored some twenty-two years after the figure emerged into the wide world of horror gaming.

Are you excited about the Silent Hill 2 Remake, enough to perhaps consider pre-ordering the game?

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