Shredder Operator Revealed by Call of Duty, Will Ninja Turtles Follow?

shredder operator

Minutes ago, the Call of Duty Twitter page posted a 15-second teaser promoting the imminent arrival of Shredder, the iconic, age-old supervillain and arch-nemesis of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. It’s directly suggested that Shredder will take centre stage as a new Operator on March 21st, but there’s no indication as of yet whether he’ll be joined by the Turtles themselves.

This is far from being a bizarre inclusion, as in the past, Call of Duty has partnered with several cult classic franchises to deploy skins, Operators, and other cosmetics. For instance, in recent years, we’ve seen Rambo, Godzilla, Scream, Die Hard, and Texas Chainsaw Massacre crossovers.

Shredder may be arriving as a new Operator in Warzone and Modern Warfare II, but will the Ninja Turtles follow?


Shredder fits in perfectly with the vibe of season two in Call of Duty, which has so far seen ‘Ronin’ make a re-appearance and certain weapons such as the ‘Dual Kodachis’ drop in both Modern Warfare II and Warzone. There’s a ‘Shinobi’ bundle – which is another term used to describe a ninja – and the all-new Warzone map, Ashika Island, is also deeply connected with that kind of aesthetic.

In the brief teaser trailer, we see Shredder posing with his iconic gauntlets, dual swords, and helmet, making for an imposing figure.

At the moment, it seems unlikely that the Ninja Turtles will appear in Modern Warfare II and Warzone in their natural form, but there’s no reason why a skin could be drawn up based on the fighting four. Can we expect pizza-themed stickers and Ooze grenades to make their way into season two with a mid-season update?

There’s a new TMNT animated movie dropping in August with an all-star cast, but at the moment, there’s absolutely no indication that this reveal is at all linked with the new film.

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