Sega Doesn’t Want Microsoft Acquisition, Wants To Remain Independent

Sega Microsoft

Over the course of the current case between Microsoft and the FTC, a number of emails were unsealed. One of those emails made it known that Microsoft was interested in purchasing Sega in an effort to “outbuy” Sony. After that information came out, Sega was asked about the possibility of being purchased, and quickly shot down the idea of a Microsoft acquisition.

In an interview with Bloomberg, Sega chief operating officer (COO) Shuji Utsumi was asked about Microsoft acquiring the 63-year-old company.

“No, not now,” Utsumi said while also declining to confirm Microsoft ever made a formal approach or offer.

Ustumi would add that Sega’s relationship with Microsoft is strong.

“We are very close with Microsoft and have a great relationship with its management team,” Utsumi said. “Microsoft particularly has a high regard for us. Xbox’s Phil Spencer and Sarah Bond are really serious about values that video game fans emphasize.”

Currently, Sega is having a continued resurgence with its largest franchise Sonic The Hedgehog with Sonic Frontiers and the upcoming Sonic Superstars.

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