Saints Row Reboot Should Have Featured OG Saints, Says Claim

saints row reboot

Saints Row was rebooted in February 2022, launching to a considerably negative reception and vast swathes of highly critical reviews. It wasn’t the resurgence everyone had envisioned, and it ultimately caused the implosion of the franchise, boasting lacklustre gameplay, more bugs than features, and a relatively ridiculous story.

However, it has been claimed that it should have been something else entirely. In a lengthy video, one Saints Row creator and insider touches upon the failed title, stressing that the original plan was to feature a story carried on the shoulders of the ‘OG Saints’: Johnny Gat, Dex, Aisha, Pierce, and Shaundi.

So, What Happened?

Well, the publisher happened — reportedly. In the video uploaded by ‘mrsaintsgodzilla21’, it was suggested that the initial plan would have delivered a game set around the original characters, with Mike Watson reportedly penning a mission that would see players ‘properly’ kill Dex once and for all.

It was supposed to feature a make-up that was around ‘80% Saints Row 2 and 20% Saints Row the Third’, allowing the game to boast over-the-top moments mixed in with an impactful, immersive, gritty story. It was all because of ‘the publisher’s vision’ that this proposal didn’t surface. In the video, it’s suggested that Deep Silver shut down or changes many key aspects of the game, causing walk-outs and dismay at Volition.

Here’s the video:

Of course, Volition would go on to shut down operations after two decades in the industry. It’s not known what’ll happen to Saints Row at this point but it has been stressed that the series isn’t dead forever.

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  1. Yeah if it was the OG’s that would be perfect and 80% of 2 and 20% 3 would work. Especially if Johnny is in it and pretend certain events didn’t happen.

  2. I heard most of the team went to Undead Labs it would be great if Microsoft could get them the Punisher license they could finally make a gritty Garth Ennis style Punisher open world. They could also take on the Crackdown and True Crime franchises even Prototype.

  3. They should have remade Saints Row and just soft rebooted it undoing the bad things in 2. Like keep Julius as an ally go back to the original idea of the 2nd game being a prequel and the 3rd game being in Japan.

  4. Deep Silver needs to be shut down they make awful decisions not just this but also promotional stuff too. THQ Nordic is the only publisher Embracer needs. Wish Saints Row was in better hands hopefully the Volition staff are in better creative environments now and can make that kind of game many want it.

  5. Most of volition before the reboot went to undead labs and now I hear they have another game so hopefully they can make something good because I have low expectations for state of decay

  6. No one wanted the reboot. Honestly I think a Yakuza style soft reboot would have worked better where they remake the first game and then go a different route from there and the third never happens and Julius never goes traitor. The second game is loved but it helped set the franchise on the path it went down. So I would say stick with t he street gang stuff instead of going too over the top.

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