Makarov’s Return Event Goes Live in Modern Warfare 3

makarov's return

Provided you’ve not been well and truly put off by excessive levels of SBMM, you might want to take part in Makarov’s Return, an all-new event in Modern Warfare 3 with a hefty reward path. It’s live now, but it’s massively geared towards players who purchased the Vault Edition of the game, given that there’s a sizeable boost in store for those running Makarov’s skin that was only available in that edition.

In Makarov’s Return, players have around a week to amass as much XP as possible – 213,200 is needed to unlock all the rewards – and as they go, they’ll pick up a string of exclusive items. From stickers to tokens and weapon camos to emblems, there’s plenty to secure in Makarov’s Return.

What is Makarov’s Return?

It’s probably the most basic challenge we’ve ever seen in recent years, as all that’s needed to unlock all the rewards is for you to just play the game. That’s it.

Makarov’s Return will see players climb a ladder that features 11 reward points, and they climb up those rungs simply by playing multiplayer and securing some all-important XP. It’s a lot of XP, but it wouldn’t be a challenge at all if it wasn’t, right?

There’s a cheeky caveat, though – if you own the Nemesis Makarov Operator skin, which was available in the Vault Edition of the game, then you’ll get a bonus stack of XP from each match. Does that mean that the Nemesis Makarov skin is emerging as a pay-to-win cosmetic?

If you make it all the way to the end of the challenge, you’ll unlock an exclusive, limited-time weapon camo named… Makarov. They put a lot of thought into that one, didn’t they? It’s a red and black skin that can be applied to any weapon, so if that tickles your fancy, then go ahead – rack up that XP.

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