EA’s Rocket Arena Disappears From Storefronts Without Warning

rocket arena

For seemingly no reason, the third-person, colourful shooter, Rocket Arena, has been pulled from every online storefront without warning. Rocket Arena, which was developed by Final Strike Games and published by Electronic Arts in 2020, wasn’t ever a monumentally popular title, but it had a core following that enjoyed its high-octane combat mechanics.

On Twitter, both the game’s main profile and the developer’s profile have stood silent for several months. There’s no indication as to why it has been suddenly removed, but those who own the game already have stated that they’re still able to play it and that the servers are up as normal.

Where Did Rocket Arena Go?

It’s worth stressing again that Rocket Arena hasn’t gone anywhere – it just can’t be bought anymore. It was delisted on Steam, EA Play, and both the PlayStation and Xbox storefronts recently, so you can’t get access to it now if you never have, but if you’ve already bought it, you’re safe — for now.

Bizarrely, upon reaching out for further information, it seems that the only official channel to contact Final Strike Games – Rocket Arena’s developer – has been switched off. We’ve reached out to EA, too – but at the moment, nobody is saying anything.

Did you ever play Rocket Arena? What are your thoughts about this development?

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