Remedy Has Trademarked a New Game: ‘FBC: Firebreak’

control remedy fbc firebreak

It has been discovered that Remedy Entertainment has applied for a trademark for a new game named ‘FBC: Firebreak’. In an application surfaced by Respawn First, it was revealed that Remedy has put in an application that concerns computer gaming software, clothing, and audio, video and multimedia production and photography.

It’s highly expected that this is Remedy’s cooperative shooter set in the Control universe, which up until now has been known as Project Condor. There are a few games in the works at Remedy Entertainment, but given the timelines of the announcements of these projects and the clues that the name gives away, it’s almost certainly Condor being given an official name.

What Is FBC: Firebreak?

In the world of Control, a mind-bending, supernatural 2019 game from Remedy, a ‘Firebreak’ is a boundary area that takes the form of a gargantuan chasm, separating certain areas from supernatural entities. There’s also ‘FBC’, which most likely stands for ‘Federal Bureau of Control’, the organisation in Control that seeks to… Well, control the aforementioned supernatural entities.

From what we know and have gathered thus far, the proposed cooperative shooter from Remedy Entertainment will see players pitted against the environment, fighting enemies taken from Control and attempting to round up these malicious supernatural forces.

There has been chatter online suggesting that as an alternative, it could be a nod to an upcoming Alan Wake 2 DLC, given that the Federal Bureau of Control is present in the recently released game and that Alan Wake and Control share the same universe.

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