Remedy Cancels Project Kestrel To Focus On Other Games


Remedy Entertainment has just confirmed the cancellation of ‘Project Kestrel’, a step taken so that the company can focus on other games in its portfolio. While little information was known about Kestrel, we understand that the game started life as a free-to-play multiplayer game that pivoted to become a premium offering – but it never left the conceptual stages. In November 2023, Remedy evaluated its position with Kestrel – then known as Vanguard – and made a massive overhaul to the project.

Now, in a recent press release, the company has confirmed that the plans have been scrapped entirely.

Kestrel Won’t Take Flight

Project Kestrel, which was being co-funded by Tencent, won’t see the light of the day. With that being said, Remedy confirmed that the developers working on the game will be reassigned and that there won’t be layoffs – but the ‘overall recruitment needs’ of the company will be reduced to recognise the change.

In a lengthy statement, the CEO of Remedy, Tero Virtala, said:

Codename Kestrel showed early promise, but the project was still in its early concept stage. Our other projects have advanced well and are moving to the next stages of development, and increasing focus on them provides us with benefits. We can reallocate talented Kestrel developers to these other game projects, and many of our support functions get additional focus on their operations.

This is yet another means to ensure that our game projects continue advancing well. I want to thank our Kestrel development team. Though we decided to discontinue the project for wider Remedy benefits, our team has done good work and provided us with valuable learnings. I also want to thank Tencent for their partnership so far. They have been very professional and supportive.

Days ago, Remedy provided an update on several games that are unfolding at the company. There were updates handed down regarding the Max Payne remakes, Control 2, and Codename Condor, a mysterious title set in the Control universe (which also slightly incorporates Alan Wake).

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  1. Saw this one coming a long time ago. They were expanding their output too aggressively — ONE of the reasons why AAA publishers are shuttering some of their studios and laying off staff.

    For many years, publishers have been trying to create cash cows or chasing golden geese to make up for the shortfalls in their other projects or mitigate other economic factors, even weathering the Great Recession. But in these turbulent times, those ongoing efforts have run out of steam. There’s no such thing as limitless effort (energy) or implementing ideal solutions.

    So, had Remedy and their various publishing partners had had more foresight tbw, they should’ve already cancelled any project that wouldn’t necessarily be in their vein of expertise — much like Kestrel/Vanguard was.

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