Remedy Buys Full Rights To Control Franchise From 505 Games

Remedy Control

Remedy Entertainment has announced that it has purchased the full rights to the Control franchise from publisher 505 Games for €17 million.

Currently, Control 2 is in development at Remedy as well as a game simply known as “codename Condor”.

“The Control franchise is in the core of Remedy,” the company said. “Having acquired the full rights to Control, Condor and Control 2, Remedy is now in a position to make the right product and business decisions focusing on long-term franchise growth.” 

Buy purchasing the full rights to the franchise, Remedy says that it will allow the studio to negotiate better deals for both current and future Control titles. It also lets the studio be “more directly” in control — no pun intended — of the series’ marketing and distribution.

Alongside the deal announcement, Remedy CEO Tero Virtala released a statement on the purchase:

“Ever since we signed up with 505 Games in 2017 to develop and publish Control, we have enjoyed a good partnership in building Control into a successful game that has sold over 4 million units and generated shareable net revenue of approximately EUR 100 million to Remedy and 505 Games.

“As part of Remedy’s long-term strategy to have more ownership over our business and the IPs we have created, we have gotten back all rights for Control and the in-development Condor and Control 2. Having complete ownership over the Control franchise gives us the freedom to decide the best path forward. We will consider our options carefully, knowing that Control is considered an attractive franchise by many partners. Condor and Control 2 have both progressed well in recent months and we expect these projects to reach their next development stages during the first half of 2024. The development of Condor and Control 2 will continue normally when we consider the best publishing, distribution and financing model for these projects.

“As we amicably part ways, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the 505 Games team for our partnership over the years and for helping to establish Control as a gaming franchise with a lot of future potential.”

What do you think this deal means for the future of Control as a series? For more Insider Gaming, check out a leaked look at Mechs in Helldivers 2.

  1. Remedy sure is spending a lot they should sell to Tencent. Then again maybe Take Two is paying well for Max Payne remake.

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