Redfall Story Trailer Explains Where The Vampires Came From

redfall story trailer

Following delays, Redfall is set to be released on May 2nd, debuting on Xbox Series X|S and PC. In the past few weeks, Bethesda – and Arkane, the game’s developer – have been running the content mill hard, and now, an all-new Redfall story trailer has been dropped, detailing exactly where the vampire threat that dominates the game actually came from.

It turns out that the vampires that are laying siege to the fictional town of Redfall were created by a corporation – Aevum – a ‘company of parasites with a thirst for immortality.’ It started out with a few missing people, but the situation unravelled, and before long, cultists were worshipping vampires as though they were gods.

Redfall Features Super Vampires

In the Redfall story trailer – which was published just hours ago – several key vampiric characters are revealed, serving as what will assumedly be a series of mini-bosses. From previous gameplay discussions, we know that Redfall will see players liberate the besieged town region by region, so it’s safe to say that these ‘super vampires’ will reign supreme over their own unique regions.

In the below trailer, meet The Hollow Man, Bloody Tom, Miss Whisper, and The Black Sun – all of them ‘unimaginably powerful.’

This trailer also serves to showcase a little more of the exciting combat that Redfall promises to feature. In past trailers, some of the movement and combat mechanics have looked a little clunky, but things seem to be improving. With various unique characters to assume control of – each with their own abilities – and a customisable, intriguing assortment of weapons, it looks as though Redfall will be quite a blast.

It was recently revealed that Redfall will require a constant internet connection, even when the game is being played solo.

There are just a few weeks left until Redfall launches – and it’ll be dropping on Xbox and PC Game Pass the moment it releases. Even if it’s not super-polished, it offers a large environment, co-op play that looks entertaining enough, and, hopefully, an engaging story, even if it does feature elements that we’ve seen deployed in games for years.

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