Ubisoft Reveals ‘Operation Deadly Omen’ for Rainbow Six Siege

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Rainbow Six Siege continues to impress the gaming world after nine years on the market. Ubisoft has rarely let the flagship shooter falter, and the firm continues to pump the game full of fresh content on a regular enough basis to keep an audience of millions engaged. It’s a top-tier competitive title, a fantastic multiplayer game, and one of the staples of its genre.

Recently, Ubisoft revealed Operation Deadly Omen, the next huge update for the game that arrives in March, ushering in Year 9 Season 1 of the game’s lifecycle.

What’s Coming in Operation Deadly Omen?

There’s a massive esports tournament ongoing as we speak in Brazil – the Six Invitational. It’s the largest tournament in the Rainbow Six Siege space, and during the event, Ubisoft decided to lift the lid on Operation Deadly Omen. This reveal included uncovering an all-new Operator – Deimos – and several impactful and highly anticipated changes that should cause a paradigm shift of sorts in the popular multiplayer shooter.

For instance, Ubisoft has overhauled how shields work, making them better for players who want to stay safe behind them while pummelling defences – but caveats have been introduced so that they don’t become too OP. Ubisoft has also introduced a ‘free look’ mechanic, giving players fine control over their field of view without forcing them to pivot.

Along with those elements are mass changes to ADS mechanics and attachments, which are sure to change up the weapon meta in Siege. There’s a scattering of other things players will soak up in Operation Deadly Omen, too – a new Locker, quality-of-life improvements, accessibility changes, and better onboarding systems for new Rainbow Six players.

Here’s a full panel talking about the new Operation:

Finally, a solid update has been applied to Rainbow Six Siege’s anti-cheat systems.

That’s plenty to be getting on with – it all drops in March with the launch of Year 9 Season 1.

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