PS5 Sales Ahead of Xbox Series X|S By 15 Million Units

PS5 Sales Lead The Way In Europe While Xbox Sales Have Fallen

In a detailed breakdown provided by, it was revealed that to date, PS5 sales are ahead of Xbox Series X|S sales by a whopping 15 million units. In the last twelve months alone, PlayStation 5’s sales performance has allowed the gap to widen by almost 9 million sales.

It was revealed through the numbers that PlayStation 5 has a 62.7% market share amongst the current generation of home consoles, while the Xbox Series X|S boasts a 37.3% share, which represents a sizeable drop year-over-year.

I Mean, We Knew That, Right?

It’s not as though we’re unaware that PlayStation is winning the charge this generation – in fact, Phil Spencer recently took to the airwaves on a podcast to admit that no matter what they do at Xbox, they cannot beat PlayStation – not that they really want to, of course.

It has been a banner year for PlayStation, and as the data shows on, things continue to heat up, and in the last two to three months, the PlayStation 5’s sales trajectory has risen upwards with some serious consistency. It has been almost three years since the consoles launched, and there are still millions of units being sold every month.

In the report published by, it was stated that PlayStation 5 still sits a little ways behind PlayStation 4, by almost 3 million sales, but the Xbox Series X|S has now outsold the Xbox One by almost 1 million units.

It can be argued that PlayStation has had more luck with exclusives of late, with the likes of Forbidden West, God of War Ragnarok, Spider-Man, and The Last of Us all pulling in massive audiences and generating millions upon millions of sales. It hasn’t exactly been dead for the Xbox Series X|S platforms, but recently, bad press has left its mark on the firm – such as the revelation that Redfall really isn’t all it was cracked up to be, and that onus is mostly on Xbox itself.

It’s worth stressing that this data trend will remain unchanged for quite some time, the way things are going.

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