Poppy Playtime Chapter 3 Delayed, New Trailer Revealed

Poppy Playtime Chapter Three Enemy

Developer Mob Entertainment has announced in a new tweet that Poppy Playtime Chapter 3 will be delayed because “the game is not ready yet”.

They did not confirm which specific issues caused the delay. Originally expected to launch this winter, the new release window will be “several additional weeks into 2024”.

Poppy Playtime released the first chapter in 2021, and Chapter 2 in May 2022, so Mob Entertainment will unfortunately lose their consecutive streak.

However, fans have shown a lot of support and patience with these indie developers. The series has won horror fans over with inventive creature designs, nostalgia distortion, and some excellent lore.

In fact, Poppy Playtime has also successfully expanded into the asymmetrical horror genre with Project: Playtime. So, fans still have plenty to enjoy as they wait.

Mob Entertainment remained fairly vague with the new release window and problems. However, they did ease disappointment by releasing the first official gameplay trailer for Deep Sleep.

The trailer effectively focuses on building dread without revealing too much.

It shows another glimpse of the new characters, Playcare setting, and fresh puzzles. Fans even got a peek at the new gameplay features, including the GrabPack upgrade and more.

The trailer also continues to use the same clever marketing tactics, with fake retro commercials and corporate alerts.

Mob Entertainment has done an excellent job of using familiar imagery and cryptic phrases to create suspense and mystery.

Mob Entertainment stated today that Chapter 3 will be the “biggest, highest quality installment yet”. This seems likely, since it adds a major GrabPack upgrade and extensive new lore.

The Steam page confirms that fans will discover some meaningful answers. As the series has evolved, there have only been more questions.

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