Pokemon GO: Shadow Raikou Raid Guide

With the World of Wonders season in Pokémon GO, a popular raid fans are looking forward to is the Shadow Raikou raid. You will actually have multiple chances at this raid instead of one small timeframe in March.

Shadow Raikou can be a bit tricky to defeat. Here is a guide that will give you tips and tricks on how to be successful with this raid.

About The Shadow Raikou Raid

The Shadow Raikou raid will actually be available a lot during March, appearing every weekend. This means you’ll get more than one chance to succeed at this raid. Keep in mind if it is weather boosted by rainy weather, it will be even more difficult.

Keep in mind that the remote passes can not be used for this raid. There is also a chance to come across a Shiny as well, so keep an eye out for a Raikou that’s more orange than yellow.

The Shadow Raikou raid event will run from Saturday March 2 at 6 am local time until Sunday March 24 at 10 pm local time. The final weekend of March will most likely focus on Shadow Mewtwo.

  • March 2-3
  • March 9-10
  • March 16-17
  • March 23-24

Shadow Raikou is an electric type which can mean defensively, it will be pretty strong. It will have resistance to flying, steel, and electric type moves which will limit the team you put together. It is recommended that the weakness to ground type moves is capitalized by utilizing a same type attack bonus.

Keep in mind that since Shadow Raikou is an electric type, it will be strong against water and flying. The following are some Pokémon who would stand the best chance in this raid.

  • Groudon: Utilize Mud Slap and Precipice Blades
  • Garchomp: Utilize Mud Shot and Earthpower
  • Mamoswine: Utilize Mud Slap and High Horsepower
  • Excadrill: Utilize Mud Slap and Scorching Sands

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