Plunder Returns to Warzone Today, But Do Fans Even Care?

warzone plunder returns today

Plunder was stripped from the Warzone ecosystem in July 2022, and today, April 26th, it finally resurfaces. However, given the current state of Warzone 2 and the general consensus circulating the game, it may be a pointless update, as many players currently find themselves tussling with stability, performance, and audio-based issues.

Is Plunder Going to Save Warzone 2?

Since Warzone 2 debuted in November 2022, the community has found itself split down the middle. With countless changes introducing a slower-paced, heavier Warzone platform, many of the game’s most avid players were turned off. Then, add in the plague of malicious operators running cheats, countless bugs, and network instability, and you’ve got a melting pot of problems for a once-loyal fanbase.

It was back in February that the revelation was made: Plunder is returning! Now, two months later, it’s being delivered in-game, and once again, players will find themselves dropping in to secure the bag, fighting against other plays to accrue as much cash as possible – this time in Al Mazrah, and not Caldera or (don’t cry, don’t cry) Verdansk.

It’s highly unlikely that Plunder will save Warzone 2, though. Even back in the day, players saw it as being the ‘weaker’ game mode that was reserved for unskilled competitors. It’s a respawn-driven mode that gives players their loadouts from the moment they drop in, but the goal isn’t to be the last alive.

Because of these ‘simpler’ elements, it was seen as a fan service mode – giving the lesser-skilled players a way to enjoy the Warzone platform without worrying about the intensity of a battle royale.

It can be argued that any content is good content, and the reintroduction of Plunder to the Warzone ecosystem isn’t a bad thing by any means. It’s another branch on the tree, another arrow in the quiver, and it’s just something else for players to enjoy when they get tired of battle royale (or DMZ).

Will you be playing Plunder?

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