PlayStation 5 Slim Disc Bundle With Call Of Duty: MW3 Has $499 Price Tag

Call Of Duty PlayStation 5 Bundle

A new PlayStation 5 bundle with the Slim Disc model and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is now expected to run just $499. It will also coincide with the game’s launch on November 10th, 2023.

The pricing and release date were dug up via new Call of Duty ads, as seen in this new tweet from @charlieINTEL, a reliable community contributor:

It’s clear this new PlayStation bundle is aiming to make the most of the Call of Duty series while possible. Even for a Slim Disc Edition, the price for this bundle is unexpectedly low, especially compared to previous bundles.

Naturally, this Call of Duty bundle doesn’t necessarily include all of the features or extras fans might want. In fact, it won’t even include the vertical stand, which is pretty unfortunate. That may drive up the price later on, unless you’re willing to sacrifice the convenience.

However, sales are still absolutely certain to skyrocket, regardless of any potential division over Modern Warfare III. There are always detractors, but the Call of Duty series remains strong as ever.

This is the ideal entry point for those who haven’t invested in PlayStation or upgraded their last-gen console. Anyone who couldn’t get their hands on the gargantuan Spider-Man 2 bundle, are sure to appreciate this opportunity. The new bundle is an unusually affordable option, and you can’t underestimate the mainstream appeal of Call of Duty.

It does come with a disc drive, which can be convenient for playing older games or saving on storage, especially if you’re moving up from a PlayStation 4.

Overall, the bundle distinctly feels more like obligation than altruism, but it’s still a decent deal. There’s currently no word on a digital alternative, which would definitely attract more attention.

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