PlayStation 5 Sales Drop 29% YoY, Expects a Continued Decline

Sony has reported that its PlayStation 5 sales dropped 29% YoY in its latest financial report, selling a total of 20.8 million units in FY23.

The number is slightly below Sony’s previously revised estimations that the company would sell 21 million units. The company also expects console sales to decline, which would be the first time that PlayStation 5 sales fall below the previous year. Sony expects 18 million units to be sold in FY24.

Last year, Sony announced that the PlayStation 5 is entering its “later stages” of this generation. While the company’s sales approximations are not surprising, they do pose a bigger question about console m market growth. As of June 2022, the PlayStation 4 sold 117 million units, whereas the PlayStation 5 has sold 52.6 million as of now. Even with 18 million units sold for the next three years (when the PlayStation 6 is expected to be released), the numbers suggest that the console market isn’t growing.

In April 2024, Microsoft also reported that its hardware sales were down by 31%.

What do you think of the PlayStation 5 sales and the console market as a whole? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Hi Tom, other outlets are reporting a YoY increase (19.1 million in FY2022 vs. 20.8 million in FY2023). Could you clarify where your 29% drop comes from? Maybe I’m misinterpreting.

  2. No surprise this is their own fault also now that jim’s gone they won’t mention how he said it would outsell the ps2 and double the lifetime sales of the ps4

  3. The ponies and xbots are still coping the console wars are over this gen is the last one move on! The single player game is extinct from AAA devs it’s now the era of live-service and multiplayer you don’t like it don’t play them. I swear these boomers spend all day complaining or attacking the other or the youth they even complain about platforms like X and YouTube then why are you there? You people are 40 something years old get a real job!

  4. Sony mistreats employees, lays off staff, and then can’t release titles. Devs need to unionize and protest these companies this is the end of PlayStation the workplace has been far too toxic for far too long.

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