Those Recent Call of Duty “Leaks” Are Nothing But Fiction

Earlier today, several new Call of Duty “leaks” on upcoming installments went viral across social media, which Insider Gaming can report is complete fiction.

The rumors were somewhat believable in part because they originated from two Call of Duty data miners (Visceral and VondyisPog), who have previously reported some accurate information pertaining to the Call of Duty franchise. However, this time around, things were a little bit different with both accounts reporting on two apparent Call of Duty projects named “Anvil” and “Devilwood”—details that couldn’t have been obtained from datamining. Partly because the titles are so far out that they wouldn’t be within the files, but mostly because they are not real.

According to the “leaks,” Anvil was an Infinity Ward title based on Ghosts, and Devilwood was a Sledgehammer title based on Advanced Warfare. While I wouldn’t be surprised to see Infinity Ward tackle CoD 2026 and Sledgehammer 2027 (which is the current plan and, to be honest, pretty predictable), it’s understood that the details of the games are not accurate. While things can certainly change, getting codenames wrong in the first place makes me question how the information was obtained and to the extent to which it was verified.

After the news went viral and was published across multiple outlets, both accounts have now admitted to the information being inaccurate.

As for what Call of Duty 2026 and 2027 hold remains unclear due to Call of Duty’s never-ending constant changes in development, but for now, let’s at least see what this year’s Call of Duty title holds.

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